What is Charlotte Entrepreneurs?

Nobody needs another boring networking group. That’s why we’re here!

We're realizing greatness, together.

At Charlotte Entrepreneurs our mission is to enable entrepreneurs to become who they want to be, are meant to be, and are capable of becoming. We do this by creating an environment where people find the meaningful connections they crave that are missing from most other communities. 

In much of the business world relationships are primarily based on the product, service, or referral you can provide and receive. At Charlotte Entrepreneurs we believe in starting with the human and connecting over shared entrepreneurial challenges, genuine accountability, and high caliber personal and business education!

Charlotte Entrepreneurs is where...

  • Your big ideas are met with unparalleled support as well as effective challenge.
  • We share the belief that we can make the community better when we are all at our best.
  • Fellow entrepreneurs are personally invested in your success.
  • Fellow entrepreneurs will hold you accountable to your commitments.
  • Others will see and identify things in you that you don’t see in yourself.

Meet the founder -
Patrick Menefee

I started Charlotte Entrepreneurs out of excitement and necessity. In the post-Covid world we crave real connection and community, especially as entrepreneurs.

We experience challenges that many of the people around us will never face and have a hard time comprehending. In one moment we experience the joy and passion of what we’re building, and in the next we’re rocked by uncertainty and self doubt. We take great pride in what we’re doing, and also feel great pressure with the fear of letting any one of the spinning plates fall (and our dreams along with it). 

I believe that when we can connect with fellow entrepreneurs over these shared challenges, and create strong bonds of trust, support, and accountability, we can become unstoppable.

That’s why Charlotte Entrepreneurs exists.